Sunday, November 18, 2018

4CMBG Canadians For Team Yankee - Finished?

Not long before FlamesCon 2018 (9 hours before if I am being precise) I finished my Canadians Force for Team Yankee. I am really pleased with how the army turned out, especially since I experienced a few "speed-wobbles" during the painting where I thought that the Leopards were going to be way to dark and boring. Luckily a combination of a little remedial dry brushing and a decent matt varnish pulled them back.

To find out more about the vehicle numbers check out this excellent article by Dan McLean on the Team Yankee website.

Scroll down past the images to find out why I say "Finished?" in the title.
The HQ Platoon (minus 1 Leopard 1)
There are another 16 more Leopard 1 tanks, all looking like this... so many tanks!
The Company Commander with the "39" tank.

Some of the M113 APCs
Canadian flag on the front, vehicle numbers on the side in low-vis black and high-vis white on the rear
M150 TOW Platoon
And a look at some of their markings
Crowd favourite, the ADATS
Blowpipes, for a little extra AA support
Two units of Recce Lynx
And a closeup of their markings.
And some of the infantry (as used in Free Nations)

So why did I say "Finished?" A couple of reasons really. 
  • Firstly, I found that even though I applied fresh gloss varnish under my decals, and then put two coats of DecalSol on them I still got quite a bit of silvering. I did a little experiment where I used a very sharp blade to pop a few small holes in the decals, as well as cutting them along panel lines, then reapplying DecalSol and this seems to have helped. 4 vehicles down, now I just need to do the other thirty-something.
  • Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I really enjoyed running this army at FlamesCon and so now I found myself wanting to add a bit more to the force, just to round it it. Stay tuned for more on this topic.


Chris said...

If you're ever in Canada I'll get you a tour of the real kit if you like

That aside these look killer. Add some more Patricia's and this will be even better.

Unknown said...

Where did you get your very small Canadian Flag decals for the front of the M113s?