Saturday, January 4, 2014

1956 and 1967 Israelis On Display

Last year I painted a fairly decent number of Israelis for both Fate Of A Nation (1967) and my own 1956 project. Just before we broke up before Christmas I hijacked the camera at work and took a few shots. Turns out taking decent "book style" photos is harder than it looks!

1956 - M50 Mk I Shermans
1956 - M1 Super Shermans and M4A3 75mm Sherman Company
1967 - Sho't Platoon
1967 - M3 TCM-20s and M3 D (120mm) guard a crossroads
1967 - M50 Mk II Shermans and M51 Super Shermans
1967 - M51 Super Shermans
1967 - Magach Platoon
1967 - Sayeret (Recon) with AMX and M3 A
1956 - And still unfinished 25pdr battery.... 18 months after I started them. Maybe in 2014!

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